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          OU Golf & Learning Center

          罗切斯特, MI 48309-4477

          周末开球时间:上午9点 - 下午4点
          周日开球时间:上午9点 - 下午4点

          • image of the OU 高尔夫和学习中心 driving range building
          • image overlooking golf course greens with a long line of golf carts in front
          • image of the 史蒂夫沙夫会所 building
          • image of golf course greens with a lake and trees
          • image of golf course greens in the woods from an aerial view
          • image of the back of the 史蒂夫沙夫会所 building from the perspective of the greens


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          两个世界级的高尔夫球场:  The R&S Sharf Golf Coursekatke表兄弟高尔夫球场。这些锦标赛球场都举办众多专业和业余比赛。

          At Oakland University's Golf & Learning Center, you will find a world-class practice facility with separate areas for full swing, short game and bunker play. It starts with a spacious driving range with over 30,000 square feet of bent grass hitting area and 28 top of the line hitting mats.  Separate teaching tees provide a truly private instruction.  Well-defined targets and landing areas help simulate course conditions.



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